Our Services

Our Services

When it comes to jewelry services few jewelers are as equipped to satisfy your needs as our partner jewelers in Melbourne. Honestly the primary concern most people have when commissioning jewelry services is trust. Thou SkyGem & Co. has only been in the business for just over 3 years, Aaron has been in the industry for over 8 years and got to know all the first class designers, diamond setters, jewelers and gemologists whose life passion is the creation of fine jewelry, you can be certain that your precious possessions are in good hands.

Our partner jewelers operate from a state-of-the-art facility, with technology and equipment that are unparalleled. From the gemological lab, to handcraft jewelry repair and high frequency casting technology, they’re are equipped to handle any fine jewelry services you might need. The combination of old world craftsmanship and modern technology enable our master jewelers to provide you with customized solutions to any of your jewelry concerns.

With tens of years of combined experience designing jewelry in a facility where jewelry making is a way of life you are sure to find jewelry solutions and services that can not be found in other jewelry stores.

We are committed to bring the best services in the field to our customers with pride and assurances.

Jewelry Repair

Jewelry Repair

All jewelry repair are performed in Melbourne by our partner jewelers. A team of model makers, bench jewelers, stone setters, and master craftsmen. From a cracked ring to a bent or broken prong, we will inspect and diagnose the best available options to ensure your jewelry can be worn safely. While standard repairs are completed within a week, if a urgent repair is require on the same day please call us on 3 9650 5190

Stone Replacement

If your precious stones or diamonds have been lost or damaged, our diamond setters are always on standby, most of the time we can get the diamond reset within 1-2 days. If the gem you are looking for is more unique, SkyGem & Co. has an abundant number of resources from which we can acquire the perfect replacement locally. In some instances, we may need to source the replacement stone from overseas, in which we will inform you prior to ordering the stone in.

Jewelry Restoration

While Jewelry Designs can re-make almost any style from scratch, some antique and precious heirlooms are so sentimental that you may consider completely restoring them to their original state. Jewelry Restoration is for items that need more than that of routine repair. This challenging and rewarding task is preformed in-house by one of our master jewelry artisans.

Jewelry Maintenance

SkyGem & Co. offers free jewelry inspection and cleaning for life! Preforming regular check-ups will help to ensure your jewelry is safe to wear. Our consultant will check all your stones and prongs are secure before cleaning. If you would like them to inspect your items further, they will notify you of potential dangers to watch out for or future repairs to consider. This preventative measure is recommended every 3 to 6 months for rings and 9 to 12 months for other jewelries.

Jewelry Appraisal/Valuation ($90)

There are a number of reasons that you may want a jewelry valuated. If you are like many people you may just be curious and desire a casual estimate of the value of an item you own. If so, we can usually advise you on the approximate value of your item. This consultation is a simple estimate to satisfy your curiosity about the approximate value of a jewelry item, so we do it while you wait as free service for our customers.

In other cases you may need more than a casual over the counter jewelry appraisal. A casual estimate will not provide you with the valid jewelry appraisal documents needed for insurance. If you have valuable jewelry, you will want to protect it. The most common way to do this is to insure it. Many home and contents insurances have a provision to cover a portion of your jewelry. In order to attain full coverage it will most likely additional coverage is need to be added to your policy. Some people choose to insure jewelry separately through companies that specialize in jewelry insurance, such as QReport Jewelry insurance. In either event, most insurance companies require that a reputable appraiser provide a detailed, itemized appraisal of the jewelry to be insured.

Check with your insurance company about rates, deductibles and exclusions, because they vary. Many insurance companies will attempt to replace lost or stolen items through their own sources, rather than reimburse you in cash. It is very important that your jewelry appraisal lists enough detail about items to ensure that you receive a suitable replacement in the event of a loss.

Jewelry Appraisal/Valuation
Ring Resizing

Ring Resizing (From $100)

Ring sizing may seem like a routine procedure, and in most cases it is. Nonetheless, we see far too often that jewelers will simply hammer a ring up to a larger size or put undue stress on stones or settings by manipulating the materials beyond their tolerance.

The first step in ring sizing is to evaluate the distance in which a ring will have to be opened or closed after a section of metal is either added or subtracted from its base.

The easiest way to envision this is to form a circle using both hands by touching the middle fingers and your thumbs. By leaving your thumbs in contact and open your fingers at the top. The only way to separate your fingers is to bend the circle. Now, imagine the circle covered by delicate stones or filigree and it is easy to see that changing the radius of the circle could damage those stones or collapse delicate design. In most cases, bringing a ring up a size or less will be noninvasive.

Our jeweler will be able to read the materials and check the ring for metal fatigue or weak areas. Likewise, they will assess the stones and prongs to verify their ability to withstand the pressure applied during the sizing process.

Since ring sizing requires cutting your ring to add or remove metal, it will also require connecting the ring by soldering or welding. They will use either a torch or laser, depending on the situation and the capability of your jeweler. Next, a jeweler must properly insulate delicate stones or sensitive materials in your ring from heat. Few gems will endure the heat needed to solder gold and none will endure the heat to needed to weld platinum.

As scary as all this may sound, a skilled jeweler with the right knowledge and equipment will size most rings without leaving a trace of the work that has been done. In the few cases that this is not possible, your jeweler should be able to give you advanced notice of any distortion or inconsistency that may occur before you proceed.

At SkyGem & C o. we will diagnose your ring so that it can be properly sized by soldering or welding additional precious metals into place as the situation merits. Our experienced Jeweler will evaluate each ring sizing on an individual basis to determine the least invasive method to size your ring and ensure its integrity. If additional jewelry repair is needed, we will contact you once all those assessments are made and contact you prior performing any job. While your ring is in our shop it will undergo proper jewelry cleaning and rhodium plating if required.

Jewelry Restoration (From $120)

While SkyGem & Co. can re-make almost any style of jewelry from scratch, some antique and precious piece are so sentimental that you may consider completely restoring them to their original state. Jewelry Restoration is for items that need more than that of routine repair. This challenging and rewarding task is preformed locally by one of our master jewelry artisans.

After a century of wear, many of the details on your old rings or bracelets have likely eroded away. In many cases, if it is an item that has been passed on for generations, you may not even know what it originally looked like. At SkyGem & Co. you can be almost certain that someone within our knowledgeable staff is familiar with its original style or pattern. They can advise you on the range of options possible to restore your ring, bracelet and necklace while maintaining as much provenance as possible.

Jewelry Restoration

Stone Replacement (From $66)

Stone Replacement
Stone Replacement
Stone Replacement

If the diamonds/Gemstones jewelry you purchased from SkyGem & Co. ever became loose or claws need adjustment, we are happily to do that for you for free! Forever.

If your precious gems or diamonds have been lost or damaged, we will source the replacement stone from our abundant number of resources from which we can acquire the perfect replacement locally. In some instances, we may have a stone custom-cut and fitted to your jewelry. We will always contact you prior to acquiring any replacement so you know exactly what to expect when you pick up your jewelry.