Secure Your Diamond with a Deposit

Whether you’re spending $2,000 on a lab-grown diamond ring or $200,000 on a natural diamond, at SkyGem & Co, we understand the hesitation that comes with making a full payment for a high-value item without seeing it first. To ease that concern, we offer the option to pay just a 50% deposit on any loose diamond listed in our online inventory, whether it’s a Natural or Lab Created diamond. If you’re purchasing a setting along with the diamond, the remaining balance isn’t due until the entire ring is completed. This allows you to secure the diamond without committing to the full payment until you view it. Shop with peace of mind and experience the unmatched quality and value that SkyGem & Co offers.

All prices listed are GST inclusive, in Australian Dollars($), complete and final. There is no hidden cost such as “Import duty” or “Customs Fee”.

Please note this is not a “Take Now, Pay Later” option. You will only receive the item once the full payment is made.

By choosing the 50% deposit option, you agree to the following:

(a) Clear 50% of the total diamond cost, including GST, in our account before we secure the selected diamond.

(b) Inspect the diamond upon its arrival. Regardless of your availability for inspection, the remaining 50% balance must be settled within seven (7) days from the day we inform you of its arrival. If you’re unable to meet this condition, a 3.8% consignment charge will apply to the total diamond cost.

(c) Unless prior arrangements are made, your deposit will be forfeited if the diamond isn’t fully paid for within 28 days after we inform you of its arrival.

(d) By choosing this option, all return options are voided, except for our in-store stocks. Or if you don’t receive what you originally ordered, we’ll provide a full refund, provided it’s brought to our attention at the time of inspection or within 3 days of receiving the mailed item.

Please note: These terms exclude all “Loose Diamonds” available in-store, regardless of the payment option chosen. Our 14-day “any” reason return/refund policy remains valid.

Pros Cons
In-Store Stocks, Ready-to-ship and Australian Stocks items
  • Experience it firsthand before making your purchase!
  • 14-day refund and 30-day return
  • Your item is ready for instant collection unless adjustments are needed.
  • Premium pricing
Special Orders – Lab Grown diamond, Natural diamond, Lab grown Coloured and Natural Coloured Diamond Online
  • We guarantee the most competitive prices you’ll find anywhere in Melbourne and across Australia!
  • The same exceptional quality as our local stock
  • Opting for the 50% deposit gives you more time to complete your payment, and it typically takes just 10-15 business days for your diamond to arrive.
  • Your diamond will arrive in Australia within 2-4 weeks.


  • Similar to other online retailers, viewing the diamond in person before purchase is not possible. However, we provide detailed descriptions and high-quality images to ensure you have a clear and accurate representation of your diamond before you buy.