What Sets Us Apart


Custom-made Rings

SkyGem & Co. masters the art of engagement ring crafting. We take pride in our exceptional ability to craft engagement rings to the finest details. With 100% already-purchased customer satisfaction and 5-star public reviews, we guarantee to create the desired engagement ring of your expectation. If your custom-made ring is not up to your standard at the time of collection, we will re-make it. 

Lab-grown Diamond

We were one of the first internet platforms in Australia to provide the most comprehensive list of lab-grown diamonds available, both directly from international sources and from local suppliers. We are able to guarantee the greatest quality diamonds for our customers because of our lengthy relationship with our source. If you do not like what you see when studying the lab-grown diamonds, we will gladly discover another for you. We take satisfaction in being able to find our customers the greatest lab-grown diamond attainable within their price range. If the diamond we suggests is less than what was expected, we will return it and find another that meets all of your specifications.

Natural Diamond

SkyGem & Co. delivers 100% conflict-free items with a listed origin of Canada, Botswana Sort, or Russia, going above and beyond the current industry norms. Our carefully selected group of diamond suppliers follows a strict chain of custody standard for their stones and is capable of monitoring and sorting gems based on provenance.

These suppliers are required to purchase diamonds from specific mines or nations that have demonstrated their commitment to following international labour, trade, and environmental standards.

We take pride in our diamond knowledge and promise that each diamond we find for our customers is of the greatest quality for their budget.