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Jewellers Association of Australia Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my white gold ring turning yellow?
How often will my ring need rhodium plating?
The retailer promised a valuation but I haven’t received one. Do they have to provide one?
My diamond has chipped/cracked and the retailer says it’s my fault. I didn’t knock it on anything! How could this happen?
A stone fell out of my ring which I bought a year ago but the retailer says it’s out of warranty.
What is considered reasonale wear and tear for the age of a jewellery piece?
My fiance bought me an engagement ring, and now some stones have fallen out and the retailer said I should not wear it everyday. But it’s my engagement ring and of course I wear it everyday!
I need to take my jewellery to a jeweller for repair. Should I receive a receipt or docket saying I left the jewellery with them?
I had a ring made by my jeweller but the final product does not match the design we agreed on. What should I do?
I left my jewellery with a jeweller for repair and now they have closed their business and still have my jewellery. What should I do?
I left my old jewellery with a jeweller to be made into another piece but the new piece weights much less than what I left with them. Why?
Can I have a coloured stone ring resized?
Can I have a multi-stone ring resized?
Can I have a pave set ring resize?
Can I have an invisible set ring resized?
I bought a present for my wife and she doesn’t like it but the retailer won’t give me a refund. I haven’t changed my mind, it’s just that she doesn’t want to wear it.
Can a jeweller say “no enchange or refund” on earrings due to health regulations?
Diamond certificates, how do I know it isn’t fake?
Stones keep falling out of my ring and the jeweller said they won’t fix it again – I want my money back!
My ring has small nicks and scatches; is it normal?
I have been wearing a number of jewellery items over the years and they are all fine but this new piece has become damaged after only 6 months!
How do I know that the diamond in my ring is what the diamond certificate says?
I had my ring resized and now there is no carat stamp and the jeweller said they won’t restamp the ring for me, why?

Other FAQs

What are the payment options?
How long does it takes to receive my refund?
I sent my payment to the wrong account to secure a diamond, will I still be able to secure it?
Can I change or cancel my order?
Can I change or cancel my custom made order?