Choosing the Perfect Ring Setting

Understanding engagement ring settings Pave ,
Channel, Pinpoint , Bezel , Tension , Prong

Typically, the main highlight of an engagement ring is the diamond. But there’s another crucial aspect that will decide how exactly your sparkler will be placed on the metal band. The setting, also known as the mounting, does more than just determine the overall look of a ring; it’s also responsible for functionality and the security of your precious gems.

Before we delve into decoding the perfect ring setting, let’s understand what a setting is.

Getting The Basics Right

The setting refers to the way a diamond or gemstone is secured onto the metal band of the ring. It involves the arrangement of prongs, bezels, or other mechanisms to hold the stone securely in place while also showcasing its beauty.

In addition to contributing to the aesthetic appeal of the ring, the setting also ensures the stone is protected and positioned optimally for maximum brilliance and sparkle.

Exploring Different Setting Styles

Just the way diamonds can be found in a variety of beautiful shapes and sizes, the setting too has evolved over the years to suit a wider range of tastes and preferences. Earlier, solitaire rings ruled the charts, but now we’ve got plenty more options to choose from, so let’s dive right into it.



One of the most easily recognizable engagement ring settings, the pave setting features small diamonds or gemstones set closely together.

The result is a continuous sparkle along the band of the ring. Usually, the stones are held in place by tiny prongs or beads, giving the appearance of a paved surface, hence the name “pavé”. Pave settings add extra brilliance and glamour to the ring, but may require more maintenance to keep the stones secure.

Did You Know? Music icon and actress Beyoncé received a stunning pave-set diamond ring from her husband, Jay-Z, when he proposed to her in 2008.


As the name suggests, the channel setting involves placing diamonds or gemstones into a groove or channel along the band of the ring.

The stones are then secured by the metal edges of the channel, creating a smooth and seamless appearance. This setting style is perfect for those who prefer a sleek and modern look, without compromising on the security of the gems.

Did You Know? Channel-set rings are less prone to snagging on clothing or other materials compared to settings with protruding stones.



Also known as the bead setting, the pinpoint setting involves small round metal beads, or points, that are used to secure a diamond or gemstone in place on the surface of the metal band.

These beads are evenly spaced around the circumference of the stone, holding it securely while allowing maximum light to enter and reflect off the stone. Pinpoint setting style creates a delicate and intricate appearance, with the stones seemingly suspended between the metal beads.

Did You Know? Pinpoint settings are commonly used for accent stones or smaller diamonds in jewellery designs to add texture and detail to the overall piece.


This particular setting utilizes a metal rim to encircle the perimeter of a diamond or gemstone, thereby holding it securely in place.

The bezel completely surrounds the gem, protecting its edges from damage. This setting can be full or partial, covering the entire circumference of the stone or only a portion of it. It is an excellent choice for those seeking security and durability, making it a popular choice for active individuals or those who love more understated jewellery.

Did You Know? Justin Timberlake proposed to Jessica Biel with a stunning bezel-set engagement ring featuring a large centre diamond.



This setting uses the tension of the metal band to hold the diamond or gemstone in place securely.

The most interesting part about the tension setting is that it makes the stone appear as if it’s floating between the two ends of the band, creating quite a modern and minimalist look.

Did You Know? Tension settings require precise craftsmanship to ensure the stone is held securely without the need for prongs or bezels.


Last but not least is this classic setting that uses small metal claws, called prongs, to secure the diamond or gemstone in place.

Prong settings allow maximum light exposure to the stone, enhancing its brilliance and sparkle. They are extremely versatile and suitable for various diamond shapes.

Did You Know? Joe DiMaggio proposed to Marilyn Monroe with a platinum eternity band featuring 35 baguette-cut diamonds in a prong setting.


How to Choose the Perfect Ring Setting: Top 5 Tips

Consider Your Lifestyle : Take into account your daily activities and profession when selecting a ring setting. If you lead an active lifestyle or work with your hands frequently, a low-profile setting like a bezel or channel setting may be more suitable as it offers better protection for the gemstone.

Think About Maintenance : Different setting styles require varying levels of maintenance. Pave and micro-pave settings, for example, may require more frequent cleaning and inspection to ensure the tiny stones remain secure. So, make sure to choose a setting that aligns with your willingness to maintain it over time.

Match the Setting to the Diamond Shape : Certain setting styles complement specific diamond shapes better than others. For example, a round brilliant diamond often looks stunning in a classic prong setting, while an emerald-cut diamond may be better suited to a sleek bezel setting.

Consider Metal Type and Colour : The metal choice can greatly impact the overall appearance of the ring. Consider whether you prefer the warm tones of yellow gold, the classic elegance of platinum, or the contemporary look of white gold or rose gold. Additionally, certain metals may complement the colour of your diamond or gemstone better than others.

Try Different Styles : Before making a final decision, try on different ring settings to see how they look and feel on your finger. We highly recommend visiting jewellery stores to explore various options and find the setting that resonates with you the most.

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