Natural Colours Diamonds

Natural Colours Diamonds:
A Rare and Exquisite Marvel of Nature

Naturally occurring white diamonds are indeed stunning to look at, but imagine witnessing this precious gem in a vibrant hue – it’s a sight to behold. Well, luckily for us, there’s no need for imagination because they are now within reach. With increasing awareness and appreciation for natural colour diamonds, finding the perfect one to add to your collection is easier than ever.

But before that, let’s delve into what makes a coloured diamond so incredibly captivating.

Coloured Diamond Born

How is a Coloured Diamond Born?

Like all diamonds, the birth of coloured diamonds begins when carbon atoms are subjected to intense heat and pressure deep within the earth’s mantle. During this process, other elements get trapped within the diamond’s crystal lattice (the molecular structure where carbon atoms are arranged in a repeating pattern). The elements that get trapped usually include nitrogen, boron, and hydrogen, but there might also be traces of others. It is the presence and arrangement of these impurities that are responsible for giving coloured diamonds their distinct hues as they alter the way the diamond absorbs light. This results in the birth of different hues, ranging from subtle tints to vivid saturations. Coloured diamonds may also undergo geological events, such as exposure to radiation or extreme pressure shifts, which further modify their colour tones.

Diamond Colours of Immense Value

Natural diamonds can be found in many hues, but some are more sought-after than others. Below, we’ve listed them, along with factors that contribute to their immense value and desirability.

Fancy Vivid Pink : Pink diamonds get their colour due to structural anomalies during crystal formation combined with pressure that distorts the crystal lattice. The presence of additional defects leads to light absorption in a way that results in the pink colour. It’s important to note that fancy vivid pink diamonds are exceptionally rare and understandably come with exorbitant price tags. They are among the most valuable coloured diamonds, with prices per carat often surpassing those of colourless diamonds.

Fancy Vivid Blue : Blue diamonds derive their colour from the presence of boron impurities within the crystal lattice during formation. The boron absorbs yellow light, resulting in a blue hue. Like their pink counterparts, fancy vivid blue diamonds are also highly coveted and among the most expensive coloured diamonds available on the market.

Fancy Vivid Yellow : This beauty is created when nitrogen atoms are incorporated into the diamond’s crystal lattice during its formation process. The nitrogen absorbs blue light, causing the diamond to appear yellow. Yellow diamonds are certainly more common than other coloured diamonds. However, stones with intense and vibrant hues can command significant prices, especially in larger sizes or with exceptional clarity.

Fancy Vivid Green : Exposure to natural radiation over millions of years is the primary reason for natural diamonds to acquire a green hue. This radiation alters the diamond’s crystal lattice, producing a colour akin to a lush green forest. It doesn’t come as a surprise that fancy vivid green diamonds are extremely rare, with only a handful known to exist. Their rarity makes them highly coveted, and they can fetch astronomical prices at auctions.

Fancy Vivid Red : While the exact formation process of a red diamond remains a mystery, it is believed that plastic deformation, lattice defects, and the presence of nitrogen may contribute to a diamond’s red hue. Fancy vivid red is definitely the rarest among all the colours of a natural diamond. With only a few known examples in existence, they are considered the pinnacle of rarity and luxury in the diamond world, with prices sometimes reaching millions of dollars per carat.

Diamond Colours of Immense Value


Verifying the Authenticity of Natural Coloured Diamonds

If you’ve decided to bring home coloured diamonds, verifying their authenticity through certification from reputable gemological laboratories is crucial. Here’s why…

Makes You Aware of the Origin : The certification provides clarity regarding the natural origin of the coloured diamond. It also verifies that the colour is a result of natural processes rather than artificial treatments or enhancements.

Assessment of Colour and Clarity : Certified coloured diamonds undergo a rigorous evaluation of their colour intensity, hue, and clarity by gemological experts. This ensures the diamond meets industry standards and accurately represents its stated colour grade.

Documentation of Characteristics : Opting for certified natural colour diamonds ensures you get accurate information about the diamond’s characteristics, including carat weight, cut, and shape. This helps in identifying and evaluation of the diamond.

Investment Security : Certified colour diamonds hold greater value and credibility in the market. They are easier to sell and trade, as their authenticity and quality are verified by reputable gemological laboratories.

Insurance : Having a certified colour diamond results in an easier and more accurate valuation for insurance purposes. This means in the event of loss, theft, or damage, having proper documentation facilitates the claims process and ensures adequate compensation.

To ensure the authenticity and quality of coloured diamonds, it is essential to obtain certification from recognized gemological laboratories such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the International Gemological Institute (IGI), or the American Gemological Society (AGS). These institutions employ stringent grading standards and state-of-the-art testing techniques to assess coloured diamonds accurately.

Ready to Experience the Vibrancy of Natural Colour Diamonds?

Earth-mined natural colour diamonds are nothing short of extraordinary, but be careful where you buy them. To ensure you get authentic and high-quality coloured diamonds, always purchase from reputable and certified jewellers like Skygem & Co. We offer natural coloured diamonds that have been meticulously sourced, evaluated, and certified. Our natural diamonds are accompanied by detailed documentation, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.

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